Telefunken has always been synonymous with leading edge technology. Now our mission, our focus, our passion is to harness our process and design excellence to solve the world’s toughest IC challenges.
Excellence in semiconductors requires system and application knowledge, innovative and experienced designers and process technology optimized for the specific application. At Telefunken, we have assembled a set of unique core processes and a dedicated team of technologists to create world class ICs in the areas of Power Management and High Performance Interface.

Telefunken Semiconductors GmbH, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient integrated circuits, for both Power Management and high-performance Interface. Leveraging our proprietary in-house process technology, global design teams and innovative intellectual property (IP) portfolio, Telefunken is able to provide the electronics industry with innovative solutions enhancing performance and reducing power consumption.
A Long and Noble History (TELEFUNKEN Listed in Wikipedia)

TELEFUNKEN has been a premier nameplate and innovator in all fields of electronics for over a century.

Founded in 1903 in Berlin, Germany the company has always been on the forefront of new technologies. Some of the greatest geniuses of 20th century electronics have been associated with TELEFUNKEN. Nikola Tesla assisted TELEFUNKEN in constructing the first wireless transmission system between North America and Europe in 1911. Walter Bruch developed the PAL color television technology standard for the company in 1963.

TELEFUNKEN established its Heilbronn, Germany semiconductor facility in 1959. The TR 4 and TR 440 computers were initially developed by TELEFUNKEN in the late 1960's and were in use by many computing centers into the mid 1980's.

TELEFUNKEN Semiconductor GmbH & Co KG continues extending this rich heritage into the 21st century in the rapidly expanding technologies of analog-mixed signal semiconductors.

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Telefunken Park - Heilbronn

Roseville Facility - California, USA

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